[Video] SNSD Jessica Hates Cucumber??

These vids are from yesterday's SNSD Hello Baby [11.08.2009]

There are some cute moments among them..

watch the vids inside this post!

And this clip…Yoon threatens Jess with her worse weapon yet….A CUCUMBER

And also, in this episode, Tiffany was chosen as the worst mom once more..

cr:aienbest, limgyuwung1@yt
why does she hate cucumber??
poor tiffany..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what I thought Yuri was worst mom

  2. kamai says:

    jessi doesn't like the smell of the cucumber.that's why.she said that she's gonna puke.lol.evil yoona.
    jeti lost korean!lol.this is hillarious.bug?,lol,fany and her bad korean.lol..
    this is cute

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