[Video]2NE1 wins again @ M! Countdown!

I can't really recall how many times 2NE1 wins awards with "I Don't Care" but i am really impressed with their performance everytime..

They win again today..so congratulations girls

I Don't Care Remix

2NE1' Encore!

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  1. Shierly says:

    For 'I Don't Care', they already won:
    5X in Music Bank
    3X in Inkigayo
    4X in M!Countdown
    1X in Cyworld Music Award
    1X Best Asia New Comer in 2009 Asia Song Festival
    They are really the most scarriest rookies in K-Pop history^_^

  2. i thought dara was sick... but she did the recorded performance of I Don't Care... whoa... CF with Lee Min Ho is such an honor.. and Dara is really a very lucky girl!!!

    2ne1 hwaiting!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    have as many awards as you can bitches! f(x) is coming!!!

  4. oki says:

    reused outfits :0 tho i love the shoes & topshop :9
    they really know how to put on a show ~
    fighting <3

  5. fykaGD92 says:

    they're gonna be rookie of the year no doubt!!
    Love them!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    who cares with f(x) mind your languange here moron

  7. Jaz says:

    please watch your language..and do not dissed other artist in such a mean way.No arguments on who is better Thank you very much.

  8. Anonymous says:

    2NE1's the best!!
    & why antis bother to come in here anyway?

  9. JUST ME says:

    to those who said 2ne1 bitches, actually he/she ( obviously she), soooooooo jealous about 2ne1, and its weird though coz he/she viewed this page anyway..oh i c, he/she is physco!f(x)????????????????we see if they have powerful moves and powerful harmony vocals and powerful company??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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