[Video]Tiara's Lies (ballad version) MV is out!

This version of lies MV is way much better than the previous MV..Just watch the MV under the cut!

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  1. SSjunior says:

    This version is so scary,Lol.

  2. Colt says:

    Those are mostly scenes from JiYeon and Boram's Soul horror drama, a nice way to promote both the drama and Tiara.
    The ballad version is great, and the rapping is impressive, but we still don't know who are the 2 rappers...they sound great.
    Good luck to Tiara, they have amazing talent and looks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    omg, the MV is scary....

  4. JuL says:

    the 2 rappers are hyomin the jessica look-a-like and eun jung...

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