090916 DKP Announcement !

Dear visitors,on today's DKP announcement,we want to inform you about some of the functions of our Facebook's fanpage.

If you visit our blog regularly,i am sure that you already knew that we have built a fanpage on Facebook a few days ago!

However,many of you still don't really know what you can do on the fanpage.

Firstly,you can start a topic on our discussions board, if we find that your topic is interesting enough,we will post it here so that more DKP visitors can share their opinion on your topic,of course we will credit your name if we use the topic you started.

You can start the topic HERE.

Besides,if you are a great designer and you always want people to see the artworks you designed,you can also submit them to our fanpage to share with other K Pop lovers,please make good use of your creativity!

Lastly,please help to spread about our new Facebook fanpage,thanks a million!

Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

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