[2 News]2PM back in activities promotion, but not as 6 members / Live Performance At 2009 Supermodel Contest Might Be Cut?

2PM will take the stage once again after the withdrawal of leader member Park JaeBum. But, they will not be appearing as 6 members, only 1~2 members will appear on stage at once.

2PM’s name has appeared on the invitation list for SBS 2009 Super Model Contest on which will be held on 25th September. But only member Nich Khun will appear to perform a ballad number.

A SBS staff said, “2PM Nich Khun will appear to sing a ballad song as an invited singer. The 6 members will not appear on stage together, but we are looking at having 2 members on stage, which includes Nich Khun.”

But currently which member will appear at the Super Model contest stage with Nich Khun has yet been decided.

2PM’s group activities are currently put on hold after past MySpace posts written by JaeBum were exposed and afterwhich he had decided to leave the team. Initially there has been much anticipation as the group will appear as 6 members again with this event performance, but it seems that they will not be doing so so soon.

Meanwhile, other performing artistes for the event are GDragon, 2NE1, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Baek Ji Young, Park HyunBin etc.


With the uncertainty surrounding 2PM in the aftermath of Jaebeom's departure, the event organizers have once again stated on the 23rd that 2PM is still among the list of scheduled performers, with no planned changes. But it will not be a 2PM stage witht the present six members. Instead, it will be a performance by just two 2PM members singing a ballad, one of which is confirmed to be Nichkhun while the other is still being discussed.

Since their last performance at the Incheon Korean Wave Music Festival on 5th September, the 2PM boys have not been seen on stage together since, as they were withdrawn from all activities. This performance at the 2009 Supermodel Contest will be 2PM's first performance on stage since their last 25 days ago.

The 2009 Supermodel Contest will be broadcasted live through SBS and their website but organizers have stated that, with tensions still running high now, the possibility of 2PM's performance not being shown in the live broadcast is high.

Besides 2PM, there will also be performances by SNSD, G-Dragon, 2NE1, Baek Ji Young, Park Hyun Bin and Wink.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish 2PM was back together again
    with all 7 members!
    We're praying for you! Bring Jay back!
    and stay strong other 6 members!
    2PM is not 2PM without all 7 members
    I think it's good that they are not
    performing together without jay.
    there is hope. we believe that jay
    will be back to where he belongs!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Omg Nichkhun!!? Dies!

    I really wish Jae would join the group already or JYP lets him back in or whatever the truth is.

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