[Article] What happened in front of JYPE?? + Pictures


This is a common sight to see fans gather outside JYP’s office building.

But this time, it is a little different, guess what the Hottest fans are doing outside JYP building at 10pm at night.

They pasted up a banner writing ‘JaeBum ah have strength’ above the door to the building.

And on the doors of the building, they pasted up big banners saying “Objecting to leaving of group”, “Let’s walk together 2PM”, “Leader Don’t Go”.

Fans then pasted up little post-its of their messages to JaeBum.

Some saying:

  • JaeBum you didn’t do anything wrong”
  • “Return JaeBum, 2PM needs a leader!”
  • JaeBum ah, so many people on your side, come back”
  • JaeBummie, come back quickly, we’ll be waiting”


This was after JaeBum’s declaration to leave group 2PM, and he left Korea for his hometown Seattle in America on 8th September, over the saga of the messages he posted on his MySpace site.

It seems that the Hottest are not giving up at all.

And many thanks to huiting2PM for the headsup.

Meanwhile, here’s a letter from Wild Bunny production team:

Hello. We are the Wild Bunny Production team.

As you would all know through the news articles, we had to delay the airing of the 9/8 final episode of Wild Bunny indefinitely. All the filming and editing has been done,and the episode was ready to go, but we had to make the decision not to air this.

In the current situation, we think that airing the program where 2pm members and Jaebum are laughing and having a good time would not help the audience, the 2pm members, and Jaebum.

Also, after getting to know the real 2pm members and Jaebum, and their personalities, we did not want to do anything that would bring harm to them. Although they were busy with overseas activities and must have been exhausted,Jaebum would always come in before the mannager to greet us, and tell us that he had read the outline for the episode.. reciting it for us.

And even though maintaining the idol image must have been important to him, he was always the first to just let loose (be funny). He would come talk to us (who have a fear of talking to famous people) and always start the conversation. Even though he didn’t have to worry about the ratings, he would worry about it with us. Even though his interview was over, he would share snacks with us and wait for us to finish filming…

When the filming involved eating, and the production team couldn’t eat, (but they had to eat) they always felt bad and didn’t know what to do.. and amongst the members, Jaebum was always the one that smiled and tried to lift the energy of his fellow members who were tired and exhausted from the
crazy schedules..

Even during the filming of the last episode, (although we didn’t even tell them to) they brought over the broom and started cleaning up the confetti and trash.. After working with them and seeing this side them, the production team wanted to lift some of the burden off of 2pm and Jaebum’s shoulders… even if it only makes a small difference.. That is why we have chosen to delay the airing of the episode indefinitely..

Of course, we are truly heartbroken and sad that he had made a mistake. And it is true that if he needs the deserved criticism and right punishments, he needs to get them. However, our production team wants to continue to root for these honest, compassionate boys who possess the qualities of a great singer.

Today, the production team, like any other day finished the editing, took out the master tape, put in the music mixing and finished the final editing. Perhaps a little later, the final tape will come out and wait for its owner to show up some day… We don’t know when that will be… but our team will take good care of it!

Finally, we hope this won’t be too stressful/difficult of a trip for Jaebum……

c : saradah@soompi

And the 2PM’s song ‘You Might Come Back’ is #1 on Cyworld Music chart


c: 2oneday Forums

cr article:sookyeong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i hope jay sees this and comes back.
    but anyways, hahah "you might come back" is #1?
    ironic. JAE BUM FOREVER

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jaebum please come back
    2pm needs you and as well as us fans T_T

  3. Anonymous says:

    please come back jay...
    2pm needs a leader!!! and it's only you.

    Jaebum and 2PM is NUMBER 1

  4. Anonymous says:

    please come back jay we all miss you

  5. Anonymous says:

    im glad to read this :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    i hope he'll be back!!!T_T
    no jay = no 2pm

  7. Anonymous says:

    still hope jae back.. im still sad n cry :(

  8. Minako says:

    He really has leadership qualities!
    Nobody can replace him.

  9. Anonymous says:

    you WILL come back :)

  10. it is so saddening!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    jayyyyy comebackkkkkk

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