[Cyworld] Hangeng's Diary entry 090928

haha~~~ Some people said that they were not able to view my past entry(25/9) because the entry were block by all the pictures. those picutres were not added by me, so i’m not sure how to use it. I tried to remove the pictures yesterday night, but in the end i deleted the whole entry.
I’m sorry haha~~~ I asked my friend about the pictures, the pictures can be moved to the side. You all can try it next time.
Setting off now, Wish you all a *Happy National Day and **Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
I love you all !!!

* – China national day is coming soon (1st October)
(correct me if i’m wrong on the date.)
** – Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon too (3rd October)

the pictures mentioned in the entry are those “icons” added by the fans/reader. the previous entry were completely block by all the “icons”.

he added back the previous entry(25/9), so that fans/reader which did not managed to read the entry(25/9) due to the “blocking icons” can do so! so nice of him <3

From: 韩庚 CY
Trans: milo@SJ-WORLD.net

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  1. Anonymous says:

    SJM i think ur new song is so great great............i love u......

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