[DKP NEWS] 4Minute for Public Transport Campaign!


Due to the rising popularity of 5 members girl group 4Minute after the release of their new album [For Muzik],they were chosen to promote the "Public Transport Campaign"!

Seoul's Traffic Department realised the seriousness of global warming and the importance of using public transports.This activity was opened for different artist groups to participate for the past 5 weeks.Ft Island,KARA,Brown Eyed Girls and f(x) have been chosen to promote this activity .

4Minute being the last group to participate,has finished the filming for their episode.4Minute's members said that they are really proud to have the opportunity to promote the importance of public transportations and hope that everyone can pay more attention on issues around us and increase the use of public transport!

Translated by Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

For those who havent seen any of the videos of public transport campaign,you can watch the videos here too!

FT Island


Brown Eyed Girls


Looking forward for 4Minte's version!

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