Dong Bang Shin Ki and Public Anger!

On a recent newspaper, you will notice a full-page advertisement that is totally different from the usual ones. That is the advertisement about the unfair contract of Dong Bang Shin Ki with SM Entertainment by their fanclub, Cassiopeia. That is the fruits of labor by the fans from Korea, Japan, China and all over Asia. Being able to achieve such mission for the idol group that they love and are passionate about is really remarkable. The rumors of ‘disbanding’ and the lawsuit with SM Entertainment are the reasons why Cassiopeia had to gather for the petition.

In 2008, there was something similar to what is happening right now. Due to the problem with imported beef, fans were concerned with Dong Bang Shin Ki's health and had gathered. In a month's time (May), fans had gathered numerous times just for this issue alone.

What are the reasons for Cassiopeia to gather for all these huge projects?

Number 1 is the team spirit and the centripetal force that Dong Bang Shin Ki possess. Because of the situation and the fanclub culture, Dong Bang Shin Ki is the reason for the ability of the 800,000 members of Cassiopeia to gather, and the loyalty of Cassiopeia to the group is something that no other fanclub could achieve.

Number 2; on the internet, it's a safe way to communicate. Visit Dong Bang Shin Ki's fanclub ‘DNBN’ and you will see the numerous messages by fans daily, and the exchange of the latest updates. This is also a way to keep in contact with fans around the world.

Is that all there is to it? From a sentimental point of view, the eruption of anger of the passionate fans due to this lawsuit issues, has directly attracted the attention of all the media. On the other hand, it also initiates the anger from the weak towards the strong, but illegal parties.

It is believed that Cassiopeia is doing the right thing by going against the illegal things being done by SM Entertainment, and this is attracting the attention of the media. Due to the anger from Cassiopeia, “Public Anger” had now become a trend online.

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Always Keep The Faith ! :)

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  1. yeona says:

    hopin' n prayin' this will end really soon. We are soooo missing these guys so much now. we want to see them together again. i am so proud to be one of your fans around the world. you will never walk alone DBSK, we are here with you, so KEEP THE FAITH!!!

  2. d'petals says:

    i miss them too..
    really hoping 2 c all of them performing together...

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