[HOT DEBUT HQ 090924]N.S Yoon Ji (윤지) - 머리 아파 (Headache)

New Star Yoon Ji (윤지) - 머리 아파 (Headache)
[Cousin of Kang Ji Young (강지영) (Kara 카라)]

She debuted on Mcountdown !

Hmm not bad for a debut !. But she needs to work more on her vocals.She is very skinny.:)

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  1. boomi says:

    i like the song

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not bad, the song is ok, the chorus is catchy for me as an American who doesn't understand Korean, but the rest of the lyrics seem to drag on.

    Her choreography is also pretty good but you can tell either she was very nervous or her dance skills needed an extra boost.

    Overall it was pretty good and I look forward to seeing the music video.

  3. Anonymous says:

    NO thank you!

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