[Interview] Teddy's Interview with AM7 on Sept. 25, 2009: "I did not plagiarize anything"

Following the reports that YG Entertainment whose artists include G-Dragon and 2NE1 has received notification letters concerning infringement of copyrighted materials from a local copyright holder, Teddy (HongJoon Park), the composer and producer of 2NE1’s "I Don’t Care," had an exclusive phone interview with AM 7 on the 24th to express his position on the issue. Whenever there was a dispute over plagiarism, it was usually the label (who has the neighboring copyrights) who released statements to acknowledge or deny the accusation. This is the first time that the composer, the copyright holder, has spoken about his position.

In the interview, Teddy said firmly that he did not plagiarize, responding to the claims that there are similarities between the chorus parts of "I Don't Care" and "Just Go" from Lionel Richie’s album released last year. He said, "I did listen to the Lionel Richie song following the controversy over "I Don't Care." You can’t say it is plagiarism just because the feel, not the melody, of the two songs is similar.” He stressed, "Two people living on the opposite sides of the world could have similar facial features. It is not right to say it is plagiarism just because the feel of the songs is similar. "I feel frustrated that some people are convinced that I used the Richie song as a reference, if not plagiarized," he added.

Teddy is a member of the hip hop group 1TYM and has been with YG Entertainment for over 10 years, writing and/or arranging most of the hits by YGE artists. He arranged Se7en's "I Know" (2006) and Big Bang’s "Sunset Glow" (2008) and wrote and arranged TaeYang’s "Look Only at Me" (2008), Um JeongHwa’s "D.I.S.C.O." (2008), and 2NE1 and Big Bang’s Lollipop (2009).

He says, "When you write a song and if that song is similar to another song then it is the composer’s responsibility to make changes. However, as far as this song ("I Don't Care") is concerned, Heaven knows and I know that I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of so I will not discuss it at length." He added, "I have absolutely no interest in either lawsuits or plagiarism accusations."

[(c)AM7; by GoGumPyeong Kim; danny@munhwa.com]
[Translated by pgeorgie]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i dun think he is plagiarizing.
    objectively.. many songs hv similarity..

  2. Anonymous says:

    papa teddy hwaiting! I agree with him...the feeling is similar but there is nothing about the melody and notes that are similar at all...poor teddy, I believe in him :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I've heard the song "Just Go" and it is absolutely different from "I Don't Care". Dunno why they were compared in the first place.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Ive also listened to Lionel richies song and, sry to be a bit rude but...WHERE THE FUCK is the ressemblance with that song looooool Sony is just inventing bullshit

  6. Anonymous says:

    ..Yah HE's Right...

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