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TVXQ - We want you to know all about us!

The special feature on TVXQ is finally here! During their 4th Live Tour, you can discover that TVXQ has become even more mature. They are always so passionate yet they are not rash. TVXQ follows their own pace while they continue to progress further. What's their reason? TVXQ's "We want you to know all about us" will be revealed here!

CHANGMIN - This shy prince has thoughts as warm as summer!
Changmin, who is in charge of the high parts when they sing, analyses himself, "Although I'm shy and afraid of unfamiliar situations, but once I put my mind to do something, I'll definitely do it!" He is steady, humble and gentle and he thinks that "having even more motivation for self-improvement" is very important.

YUNHO - This dependable leader's ability to concentrate surpasses all others!
TVXQ's leader will listen to the other members' troubles and work around all the their suggestions. He thinks that his strength is that "No matter what it is, I'll always try my best, but concentrating on things can be a strength as well as a weakness."

YOOCHUN - He has a gentle heart and has regained his trust in others!
Yoochun, who used to be "unable to trust in others", has regained the ability to trust others because he has the members and staff by his side. Being in TVXQ has allowed him to become more stable and more mindful of other people's thoughts.

JAEJOONG - He's forward and candid, and is full of curiosity!
With his personality being forward and very candid, he has said in the past, "I think sleeping is a waste of time, the sun is already up, so how can I keep sleeping?" Jaejoong analyses himself and says, "I am a very curious person, and I'll say whatever is on my mind immediately."

JUNSU - The joker who loves to do imitations!
He also says that he is "TVXQ's joker." With the ability to make people around him happy, as well as filled with the spirit of serving others (before himself), Junsu says, "I want to make others laugh even if its at my own expense

Q. At first I felt that TVXQ's songs would be hard to sing at a karaoke, but "Stand by U" seems to be quite suitable.
CM: That's right! The melody is quite easy to remember and its not too high, and what's more, you don't have to care whether you sing well or not and just let your emotions out as you sing.
YC: Yes! Relax after you get drunk, you can follow your own emotions and sing as you cry.

Q. Have you guys ever sung and cried at the same time at a karaoke?
YC: I did twice, both times were with our staff.
JJ: I don't go to karaoke often. Other than that, besides Yunho, everyone would sing ballads. Only he would sing and dance at a karaoke.
YH: Ai, how can you tell on me? Actually, you don't have to bother about the technique, just sing with your feelings, and it will be passed on to others.

Q. Then, during the tour, how was the reaction like when you performed this song for the first time?
JJ: It (T/N: the reaction) was very different for everyone. Some males had expressions of agreement. On the other hand, some females' had the expressions of "sudden realisation" on their faces (laugh), and some even cried. There were many reactions.

Q. Then, on an emotional level, who do you think can relate to this song the most?
YC: I can related to it quite well. Mm! I think probably Changmin too!
CM: I think everyone can! Its just that they don't show it on the outside.
JJ: Mm, even though everyone doesn't say anything, but I think we all understand!

Q. Lastly, I'd like to ask everyone this. To date, which concert was the most memorable?
YH: Sapporo. Junsu, who was injured, was revived and TVXQ was finally complete again with all 5 members, showing off our power once again, it made us really happy.
CM: Hiroshima. It was the first time we ate teppanyaki, but it was very delicious. The next time we go to Hiroshima, I want to eat it again.
JJ: When we participated in Koda Kumi's concert at the Tokyo Dome. Even though it was only for a very short while, it made me want to stand there and perform again one day. At that time, the whole arena was filled with people!
JS: It's so difficult to just choose one! But I think it's still Kobe! At that time it was the first day of the tour, because I was injured, I felt immensely grateful to everyone, and I also felt apologetic to the members and the audience. Even though I put on a smile while singing, I was actually crying inside (laugh). I felt that I had to get better quickly!
YC: Sapporo. On the second day of the 2-day concert, I was performing while concentrating hard and not think of anything else, just focusing on performing, that moment felt infinitely blissful to me.

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