[Me2day] 090929 f(x)'s latest message on me2day (Victoria,Amber,Krystal)


Hi everyone..'BBORORIA'.This is my second time on me2day today,there is an interval of 12 hours between,i think this is the first time!For today i reveal my photo with Luna,please continue to give us love,thanks!

Wassup everyone,Amber here.A bit boring so i took a photo,this is taken from the live scene,this is my favourite hat,haha,what do you,what do you think of my new style?

Hey people Krystal is here,i have not been her for a long time, have you forgotten me?I took this photo with Amber unni on the shooting scene for the poster,what do you think?Haha,bye bye xoxo..

Translated by Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

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    cute! ^^

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