[news] 2NE1's Official Fan Club Name Revealed!

With the recent success of their two singles "Fire" and "I Don't Care", 2NE1 has garnered much love and fan support from their audience. However, 2NE1 never had an official fan club...until now!

2NE1 has gained a lot of popularity since their hyped debut and then dominated the charts this summer with their monster single "I Don't Care"; one begins to wonder why this lovely four-some has not gotten an official fan club yet.

Many fans called themselves "2NE1 VIP's", a play on the fan club of 2NE1's seniors, Big Bang. However, there is no longer a need to use that name anymore since 2NE1 now has its very own official fan club! 2NE1's Fan Cafe on Daum recently posted a message telling fellow supporters that they have decided on a name for their official fan club. The official name for the fan club is Black Jack, a play on the popular card game as well as the name of 2NE1. The message further states that at the Asia Song Festival, the fan club wants fellow Black Jacks to support the girls of 2NE1 at their first concert by screaming aloud their name.

The name sounds pretty legit. "WE ARE THE BLACKJACKS." It has a nice ring to it. However, I've started thinking about what fans will call the other debuting groups and I'm starting to worry. With names like 4Minute, f(x) and most recently HAM, I wonder what creative titles fans will give to to those official fan clubs.

Original message posted from 2NE1 Fan's Cafe on Daum:

Credits: YGLadies, Special Thanks to John Moon and Julie Choi for rough translations.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oooooooooooooooooooow i like the name they black jack beat that big bang in your face pow how you like that lol. YG family baby a go go go

  2. tas says:

    cool name!!

    kekekeke...i'm a Black jack^^

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    it's so gangsta!!! I want ACES!

  5. Anonymous says:

    black jack!!!!
    gangsta but I DONT CARE..
    2ne1 hwaiting!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    certified blackjack hir!

  7. Anonymous says:

    woOow...black jack!!!

    i'm a 4ever black jack!!!

    love it yepey
    2ne1 already have an official fan club!!

    2ne1 ah gogogo

  8. Anonymous says:

    yay,im blackjack and vip..

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow.. that's great.. im starting to love it..
    certified blackjack here!

  10. Anonymous says:

    a blackjack here too!
    can add one here to the many others

  11. Anonymous says:

    another certified blackjack here...

  12. Anonymous says:

    LOL Another blackjack here toooo. certified blackjack
    go go go 2ne1 and bigbang YG family

  13. Anonymous says:

    hir too. a certified BLACKJACK. 2ne1 rules. YG's still the best.

  14. Anonymous says:

    yeah, i'm a blackjack 4ever :X:X:X

  15. Anonymous says:

    this is hilarious!! (not in a bad way) because my sister and i were talking about what 2ne1's fan club name would be about three weeks ago and i said it would be blackjack? wow..haha nice! (:

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hahahahaha Ham's could be "We are Pork!"

  17. Anonymous says:

    hahahhahahahhahahahahhahahaha OMG to the comment above me LOL thats by far the funniest thing i have heard in ages thank u for the big laugh OMG i cant stop laughing.. for some reason i just imagined HAM fans shouting we are PORK LOL hahhahahahaha


  18. Anonymous says:

    yeahh that pork make me LOL when i read it haha..

    anyway blackjack vip cool...!!!
    2NE1 blackjack...

  19. Anonymous says:

    I hate,,.... now I can't stop giggling myself out... It's just so funny hearing if their fans shout out like... We are pork...!!!3x
    O....I....N...K...Oink5x... We are Pork!!

    Oh well, totally black jack member here!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    imma certified blackjack... :))) no.1 fan hir !!

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