[news] 2PM JunHo and JunSu confirmed for SBS Super Model Contest appearance

Coming 25th September for ‘SBS 2009 Super Model Contest’ to be held in Seoul KyeongNam, 2PM will only have 2 members appearing on stage to perform.
Members JunHo and Junsu will be performing that day, instead of the 6 members of the group after leader member JaeBum withdrew from the group recently.
According to a staff from SBS Super Model contest, “We respect the decision that the group will not go on broadcast activities for a while since the withdrawal of member JaeBum.”
The staff also revealed that it was planned and confirmed earlier this year that the group will appear for the contest to perform. But with the recent withdrawal of member JaeBum from the group, all activities and events planned for the group are currently put on hold or cancelled.
The group will be promoting as 6 members. But for this Super Model Contest, while JunSu and JunHo will be performing that day, the performance will not be broadcasted.
It is said that JunSu and JunHo will each sing one of their favourite songs on stage that day.

source: sookyeong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    :(( I Miss Jaebeom

  2. Anonymous says:

    :D Luv you Junsu!
    Visit my site:

  3. Anonymous says:

    why not going to broadcast?! grrr

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really hope everything works out for 2PM
    boys, don't let something like stop you
    or hinder you from reaching your goals and
    ambitions. stay strong and keep fighting!

    JAY we miss you and we love you so much
    2PM is NOT the same without you.
    it will never be the same without you!
    2PM need you and we need you!

    Jay should be forgiven and able to move on!
    He's not the person that he was before.
    I don't believe that he has to be sorry in
    the first place, nonetheless he came out to
    the public and apologized. This situation has
    been blown WAY OUT OF PROPORTION.

    we hope to see all 7 members of 2PM reunited
    with their leader Jay Park. Jay should be back
    to where he belongs. BRING JAY BACK!
    JYP is irresponsible and ridiculous.
    if this isn't the case, we want a legit statement
    from Jay himself!

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