[News] 4Minute takes GDragon off the competition at #1 on illegal music download chart

Girlgroup 4Minute breaks the ‘GDragon symdrome’ by take him off the #1 on illegal music download chart for the 1st week of September.

MusicSave (musicsave.co.kr), in charge of monitoring illegal music sites, revealed that 4Minute’s ‘Muzik’ has take up about 20.6% of illegal music file downloads for the week.

This is the 2nd time that 4Minute is #1 on illegal music download chart after coming back with their 1st minialbum. There was some setbacks for the group with their 1st minialbum – first the album was leaked out on 28th August before the official release date, and then the song ‘Won’t Give You’ was ruled inappropriate for broadcast. But the album is doing very well as a whole, moving up fast on various music charts.

And GDragon has rule the chart for illegal music download for 2 weeks with his solo debut song ‘Heartbreaker’.

Besides that, group Jewelry is also doing up strong on the chart with the song ‘Strong Girl’ off their 6th comeback album ‘Sophiscated’ released 1 year snd 6 months after their previous album. They are also making a hit with their ‘ Salrang Salrang dance’.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    GREAT!! GD & 4MINUTE HWAITING!! i hope there is no more comparing activities between 4minute and 2ne1 because both of them are awesome!! :D

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