[news] After School Goes Clubbing

After School recently put on a surprise performance at a “real hip hop” night spot called Club QVO.

It does my heart good to see the original 5 back on stage performing, even if they are a bit rusty. If I was an entertainer I would love performing in clubs. The club atmosphere seems perfect for letting go of all inhibitions and feeding off the energy of the crowds. The set up is perfect, but whenever I see idols try to go “off-script” it always looks very awkward; a little hand “touch” there, a step towards the crowd, then right back to strict formation.

Lil Wayne could never be an idol, not only would he mess up the choreography but his improv would only confuse the audience.

cr: AfterSchoolCraze & rogermancini

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  1. Doreen says:

    yayyyy!! jungah is back at last! she've recovered :D:D where's uee?

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