[NEWS] B2ST, "This fall we're breaking 2PM's 'beastly' image!"

B2ST, F(x), Rainbow have entered the countdown of new idol groups debuting this year. These new groups are expected to join the pop scene as idol groups that have shown much success in 2009. They have undergone the common standard of training periods.

The new groups are notable having trainees that have "colleagues" in rival groups, that have trained together in the past. We have organized the points to watch of these new groups.

# A confrontation of new and old styles

With the arrival of new groups with new concepts, it is likely there will be competition. One of the more notable ones are of the "beastly" 2PM and AJ's new 5-member boyband, B2ST. With masculinity emphasized with 2PM's "beastly" image and B2ST wanting to have that image, a battle between them is inevitable.

Even among female groups, there are competitions with the new groups debuting. Nine member Girl's Generation will now have seven-member "Rainbow" as a possibility of competition. Both groups are raised from SM and DSP labels, respectively, all appeal to the second half of the 1990 generation and is to be considered another reigning competition like S.E.S and Fin.k.l. There hasn't been such a tense competition among female groups in ten years.

# Revival of the "losers"?

Another interest are the members that have past experienced "tearful" rejects upon debuting. In BS2T there is Jang Hyun Seung who was rejected from Big Bang and Yoon Doo Joon who was rejected from the 2PM/2AM survival program "Hot Blood".

They have already shown their faces in public, but have yet to debuted as "used rookies". The two "repeated debut" members of B2ST are creating interest with their comebacks. And especially with former Wonder Girls' member Hyunah's successful comeback with the group 4Minute this is even more interesting.

There are similar cases even among the new female groups. Trained to debut as a Girl's Generation member T-ara's Hyomin, and Jun Hyosung who was expected to debut in a three member girl along with Yoobin and Uee, is currently training to debut. She first made her name known from featuring in the hip-hop duo Untouchable's song "My Boo".

# Yesterday's comrade, today's enemy

The new group B2ST are showing their past connections with JYP Entertainment. The members before joining under Cube Entertainment, trained with JYP entertainers like 2AM, 2PM and the Wonder Girls. Having already debuted as a solo artist under Cube Entertainment, AJ received dance training from JYP. Training together with tears as friends, they are now competitors in a new battle.

Rain who was "raised" under the lead of Park Jin Young is also producing a new group. Having trained the group himself, he is expected to reveal them this October as a producer.

# War of Pride is expected to continue

The match-up of the Big-3 entertainment labels of SM-YG-JYP is expected to continue for the second half of this year. With DBSG's lawsuit against their company they leave the best male groups of Big Bang and 2PM to continue the competition. Producer Park Jin Young has revealed and confirmed 2PM's new album. Big Bang are under plans to continue on with foreign promotions and solo member promotions.

The competition among girl groups this year is also expected to continue. With YG's 2NE1, SM is entering with their new female group F(x). The group is younger than the average ages of other female groups and compared with others have intense dance choreography. This is perhaps another competition among female groups like the Wonder Girls and Girl's Generation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh please..dream of it

  2. Anonymous says:

    wanna beat 2pm?
    wow, seriously, dream on.

  3. Jaz says:

    Honestly speaking, DBSK is not an idol group anymore...all along they are an acapella group who have a popularity of an idol group.DBSK genre and BigBang genre and 2PM genres are completely different.The writer should not compare all 3 of them.No offense but 2PM is still not even up to DBSK and Big Bang level yet.

    About girl groups...In my opinion they should compare them like this(Comparing them during their debut dates)


    Group 2-2NE1,4Minute,

    Group 3- FX,RAINBOW,T-ARA(FX and Rainbow will definitely shine more than T-ARA, MNET's trainees are completely unreliable and are not trained enough)

    I doubt B2ST will be a hit...come on -.- all rejects in a group(don't misunderstood,i am not looking down on them just cos they are rejects)? much in need of desperate to get noticed? they are just using the ex trainee method to gain attention.To me B2ST didn't even try to have their own concept for a debut.Not just copy from 2PM.They do not gain my respect.Shinee and Super Junior should be included in this article.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Every time newbies say something about knocking down famous groups - it'll be difficult for them because before debut they're already creating antis!!! What are they thinking? Take Tiara for example? MNET said they'll knock down SNSD, KARA and WG in a month! Now, how many antis do they have? A LOT!!!

    DSP and SM has a sort of rivalry ever since so I don't think it's a problem for DSP to launch a new girl group...they need a replacement for KARA when they leave for Japan.

  5. f(x) against 2ne1??
    well..they may be younger but do they have better talents than 2ne1??
    i don noe...i've just heard their song and i prefer their teaser's ver...

    b2st wants to beat 2pm??
    uh...can they do tht??not sure...

  6. Jaz says:

    That is a wrong move for T-ARA to knock down those strong girl groups like SNSD ,KARA ,WG and 2NE1. To me T-ARA is talentless sorry.Practically i am bias cos MNET groom them(basically i do not have faith in MNET trainess).. but out of so many companies... SM-YG-JYP-DSP company grooms the best quality artist although SM is a really cruel and slave contract company.Thx god one of the T-ARA girl did not end up with SNSD,she saved SNSD for not joining them.Just barely debuting a month and all T-ARA do is complain how hard and tiring it is.

  7. Anonymous says:

    well, 2pm is more towards acrobatics style, so they can't be rlly compare to groups like dbsk or bigbang.
    you have to admit they can dance better than them.
    as for vocals, yeah dbsk have the most powerful vocals. and maybe for bigbang.

    and i agree tara is kinda talentless.
    they don't stand out in any way.
    too plain.

  8. Minako says:

    I just don't think that hoobae can beat sunbae ^^

  9. Anonymous says:

    ^so true! Hoobae will never beat sunbae!

  10. Anonymous says:

    eww. they're gross. they're nothing compared to 2pm man.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Those groups should not be compared. Yes they all are rivals when it comes to music but they have different styles right? They shine out best when they are in their own music genres.

    DBSK are ballads but have versatile voices so they can do other genres. Big Bang are somewhat Hip and Rnb. 2Pm are dance group, they have acrobatic music style. I don't know about B2ST? Wish they would use original music style..

    Wonder Girls has the Retro/90's Disco fever, SNSD are pure image and young adult music, KARA uses cute and sweet melodies, 2ne1 are Hip (almost like Big Bang) and Reggae style, 4 minute are like electro pop, After School are more like Dance Pop, BEG are like mature Lady Gagaish(i don't know how to categorize Lady Gaga's music?), T-ARA are Powerful Ballads, Jewelry(I dont' know about them? I dont like their songs)

  12. Ahna says:

    jajaja they made me laugh wow i don't think so ^^___^^

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