[news] Battle's Tae-hwa to debut as a solo artist, "look forward to a shocking change" with his power dance

Boy band Battle's main vocalist Jin Tae-hwa has completely changed for his solo debut.

Tae-hwa's new album "Fallen Angel" will be released on October 6th and he is preparing to be the best male solo artist of the second half of the year.

Jin Tae-hwa's anticipated digital single album was produced by Wanted's Kim Jae Suk, who is not only a great vocalist but also a acclaimed producer. The album will have the dance song "Fallen Angel (타락천사)", the soft R&B song "With U, and two other recorded songs.

With this album, Jin Tae-hwa will showcase his true character with his strong, powerful dance and his charismatic vocals.

The title track "Fallen Angel" will utilize a sweet melody as the hook and will exclude electronic arrangements. The classic dance track will show Jin Tae-hwa's charming vocals, D.BASE member JED's powerful rapping, and the great producer Kim Jae Suk's skills.

On the 28th, Jin Tae-Hwa's official homepage (http://www.lworks.co.kr/taehwa) released a teaser video, which the fans responded to immediately. He is expected to show a strong performance this year as a male solo debut artist and his album is very anticipated.

The soft R&B track will give another feeling and receive much love with its comfortable melody and Tae-hwa's sweet voice.

"I'd like to really show everyone another side of me through this album. Although I'm really nervous about performing alone after getting so used to group promotions, I work my hardest thinking about the fans who have been waiting and cheering me on this whole time," said Tae-Hwa about his solo debut.

Tae-hwa, who will have his first solo album released on October 6, will also release his shocking "Fallen Angel" video on September 30 through his homepage.

Source: Newsen

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