[NEWS] B.I. Thanks MC Mong And Says He’ll Be Back

Your boy B.I. has left a message to MC Mong on his minihompy.

B.I. is a 13-year-old rapper who made his debut being featured in MC Mong's newest album's title track, Indian Boy. B.I. has gained a lot of attention as the "Second G-Dragon". But all good things must come to an end and so has the promotions for Indian Boy.

B.I. expressed his sadness for ending Indian Boy promotions and talked about how much he has learned from MC Mong during the time he has spent with him. On his minihompy he wrote:

"I dreamed something.
Every morning I listen to Indian Boy from my mp3 player and I hear my voice...
It wasn't a dream afterall...

I'm going to miss the times I spent with MC Mong hyung.
Whether it was in the practice room, at the broadcasting station, or in the waiting room before stage my place is on MC Mong hyung's lap. And he always tells me something. Just like my father does...
He says to me, "The place you belong is school, not the stage.
You don't dream, you live your dream and if you want it enough, your dreams will come true. The most important thing is your passion, love your passion..."

I didn't understand him at first, but now I do. I didn't even notice my passion grew so much. So I know I can do it.
I want to thank MC Mong hyung, Jang Geun hyung, the dancers, managers and stylists.
I will be come a B.I. that works even harder. ^^

And I want to thank all of you guys that have cheered me on all this time.
I haven't even debuted and you have created a Fan Cafe(club) for me..
I will work harder and return as a skilled rapper..
You will wait for me until then, right??
It will take a few years so please don't get old and stay the way you are, please!"

- rapper Be-I

credits to allkpop

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  1. Anonymous says:

    awwhh what a cutiee ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    MC Mong is so good.

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