[News] boyband SHU-I debuts with ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb’ + Full song preview

upcoming boyband SHU-I will be releasing their debut digital single ‘Boom Boom Boom’ on 11th September.

We are giving a preview to the group’s debut song ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb’.

‘So Hot Union of Idols’, that’s what their name stands for. Are they up for it?

The group name SHU-I is the short for ‘So Hot Union of Idols’ and they have been preparing and training to be debut for 2 years and in Chinese it also maen 帥 (shuai) or goodlooking – pointing to the plans for this group to venture into the Asian stage.

SHU-I consists of members who have already revealed their faces on various broadcast shows like ‘JinShil game’, ‘Introducing Star’s Friend’, and ‘꽃미남 아롱사태’ – with members HyungJoon, main vocal MinHo, JinSeok, ChangHyun, leader InSeok.

Their debut song ‘BOMB BOMB BOMB’ will be a number with a powerful rhythm .

SHU-I will start promoting from mid-September.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Uhm..the song is not that interesting....

  2. Anonymous says:

    ok...definitely won't beat the girl bands

  3. Anonymous says:

    it sucks! i agree with both of you. :D

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