[news] Brown Eyed Girls GaIn flies to the States for vacation

After collapsing due to fatigue recently, GaIn was discharged from the hospital on 23rd September.

Her company said on 23rd September, “She was discharged in the morning. She is feeling much better now. She don’t feel any different from before. GaIn is very enthusiastic about work, as soon as she was discharged she had rejoined the team to prepare for their public performance.”

With the company representative also added, “She will be flying to the States on 24th September. She will be staying there for about 1 week.”
GaIn had fainted their quarters early morning while taking a short rest in between schedules and was hospitalised on 22nd September. After which, all 4 schedules planned for 22nd September has been cancelled.
It was also revealed that GaIn has been working late nights for 3 days straight due to CF filming etc. And her health condition has been a worry.

Source: Sookyeong

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  1. Anonymous says:

    where in USA is she going? can we meet her?

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