[News] Hottests have donated 10 million KRW for charity to get Jaebeom back on 2PM

2PM fans, who have been engaging in various projects to withdraw JaeBum’s leaving from the group, has donated 10 million KRW for charity this time, getting the attention of many once again.

2PM’s fan union UnderGround has donated 10 million KRW on 25th September to Naver charity campaign ‘Happy Bean’, they also went down for a visit to the beneficiary children foundation on the same day.

Fans said, “While charity act is most of the time a one-off thing, we will continue with this charity work this time.”

They added, “JaeBum’s incident has very close relation with the societal proble of the local and overseas Korean society. So following this fund raising campaign, we hope to let our overseas beneficiaries know of our Korean culture.”

Park JaeBum has left the group on 8th September after the revelation of some of posts he wrote on MySpace which were deemed as offending to the Koreans. After that, he left for his hometown in America, 2PM is currently promoting as 6 members.


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  1. xSafyahx says:

    woah. may i ask what is KRW?

  2. Anonymous says:

    its korean won....currency code for south koreas' money like us dollars is USD kinda thing

  3. Anonymous says:

    well that's 5746.4 Euros ..and 6000+ dollars and 5000 or less ponds !! that's a lot of money ..!!..he need to realize that korea love him and not hate him! and stop thinking about i did wrong bla bla ..no jay..no 2pm ..so he need to come back to save 2pm...can't w8 for him to go back in korea and do some variety show cause i have nothing to watch since he left!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    aww..thats really nice of them =D

    hope he comes back soon

  5. Anonymous says:

    yeah....BRING BACK JAY 2 KOREA!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    bring jay back!
    2pm is nothing without its leader
    and all 7 members!
    jay is a great leader and he should
    be forgiven and able to move one
    because he isnt the person he was
    before! this was blown way out of
    proportion and jay deserves to be
    back! we're waiting for jay and the
    real 2pm to be together again!

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