[NEWS] How f(x) member Luna and Krystal Got Noticed by SM

It has been revealed how two of the f(x) members, Luna and Krystal got into SM Entertainment.

The 16 year old member, Lunarevealed on September 2nd during the group show-case that she was casted on a show called, "Truth Game," (SBS) in 2006. In this show, she got a the nickname of "Wave Girl." She then said that it was on that show that SM noticed her talents and brought her into the company. Since 2006, she has been learning and training in vocals, dancing, and English.

The sister of SNSD/ Girl's Generation's Jessica and the youngest member, Krystal, also revealed in the show-case that she was recruited by SM when she was 7 years old but because of her young age, she started training just 2 years ago. Unlike Luna, she has been learning and training in vocals, acting, ballet, jazz dance and Japanese since 2006. She is also said to be fluent in English, just like her sister Jessica.

Listen to Luna sing at the showcase:

She has a beautiful voice!

credits to allkpop

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