[News] JunJin and Lee ShiYoung break up after 6 months

It is known that singer JunJin and talent Lee ShiYoung has broken up in their love relationship.

JunJin’s company said on 3rd September, “The 2 of them still have some feelings for each other but they have decided to stay apart for the time being. We will reveal more details about this.”

They also added, “It is true that Jun and Lee ShiYoung has broken up. With that, they have ended their 6 months relationship which started in March.”

Meanwhile, the 2 had come clear with their love relationship officially in June. Back then JunJin’s company has revealed, “He has been dating Lee ShiYoung 3 months ago.” Also Lee ShiYoung’s side has also acknowledged to the statement back then.

The 2 had built up good feelings for each other during their participation for MBC We Got Married.

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