[news] Junjin left speechless on Intimate Note 2 at mention of Lee Shi Young,

JYR: (You left only me out of the gathering) Why did you do that ?
JYR: You’re not my style.
JJ: I totally love you *His catchphrase during Love Letter
JJ: If I totally love you, can you not get married?
Prospective bride Jang Young Ran’s biggest crisis!
Super strong blow!

Shinhwa’s Junjin – who has just recently ended his 6-month relationship with actress Lee Shi Young – was left speechless at the mention of her name on SBS Intimate Note 2, a sign that the relationship was already over at the time of recording.

Special guest Jang Young Ran had said, “We were both on Love Letter back then, but I was the only one left out of the gatherings. I was really upset.”

Junjin then used his catchphrase from Love Letter and said to Jang Young Ran, “I totally love you.” Later he added, “If you’re not marrying me, then don’t do it”, to which Jang Young Ran retorted in jest, “Then shouldn’t you break up with Lee Shi Young first?” Although at the time of recording the episode, the couple’s breakup had not been announced yet, viewers expressed that he gave himself away with his expression.

Although the guests broke out in laughter at Junjin’s flustered expression without knowing the facts then, to the viewers who tuned in last night, they were already aware of the breakup and felt bad for him.

On this episode, 11-year group Shinhwa’s members – Andy, Lee Minwoo and Junjin – ratted on one another, together with guests Chae Yeon, Jang Young Ran and Jung Woon Taek, entertaining viewers with their witty talk.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa + shinhwa.biz

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