[news] Loveholics comes out with their new MV, "In the Air"

After JiSun's departure from Loveholic, the group has been renamed to Loveholics. Loveholics is made up of remaining guitarist Kang HyunMin and Bassist Lee JaeHak. Two singles has been released under their new identity, "Butterfly" and "Miracle Blue." Like the previous two singles, Loveholics has acquired the help of different vocalists for their new album, In The Air, released today, September 10, 2009. On this album, listeners may hear the voices of Whale (of W & Whale), Horan and Alex (of Clazziquai), and actress Shin MinAh to name a few.

Their sound is similar to the old Loveholic, but at the same time it has evolved. What made Loveholic unique was the way they incoporated experimental sounds to produce music pleasing to the ears. In comparison, Loveholics sticks with authentic sounds of instruments that put them in a different category. Their new sound is a mixture of Rock and Indie.

Each song is different. One main reason, with the exclusion of Whale, is that each song "plays" a different singer. The second track, "바람이 참 매섭다," is slightly reminiscent of Loveholic, but at the same time Whale's voice is not the same as Jisun's. For those familiar with Whale, this track shows a softer side to her voice. Another track similar to Loveholic is "Beautiful." To get the Loveholics experience, make sure to check out tracks 1 - Raining, 8 - 몰라야 할 말, and 9 - 나에게 그댄.

In The Air proves that Loveholics is able to comeback without Jisun. Although they lack a new lead vocalist, with their visible talent and background, no doubt they will find voices to create amazing songs. Loveholics decision to do without a lead vocalist, although it may be unintentional, is a different take on music; that is a fact.

sources: omgkpop and fluxus@youtube

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