[news] MBLAQ Doesn’t Sound Like a Boyband…

…the name, I mean. But then, when you think about the fact that Rain and his J Tunes Entertainment label is behind MBLAQ it kinda makes sense. I mean, as Rain has been said to have had a hand in everything from their music and choreography to their styling, and although his English has somewhat improved, I’m not totally surprised by the fact that they let Rain come up with the name, or his bad ESL skills the liberties he’s taken with the English language at that.

The 5-member boyband, whose name is pronounced “Em-Black” (for those of you who, like me, were utterly confused), has been training hard under the guidance of the “Rainism” ninja himself for the past two years. And netizens are already in a tizzy over their impending debut and single release in October, as well as their recent photoshoot for NYLON Korea’s October issue.

I am surprised, however, that even with such astute and thoroughly devoted netizens digging up the dirt on everyone and their mom these days (literally!), that so little is known about the 5 boys of MBLAQ.

One things netizens have dug up (as of the time I type this post-because you know they’ll have found something new right after this gets published), is that one member of the band is Bang Cheol Yong, whose older sister is actress Go Eun Ah, also known (at birth) as, Bang Hyo Jin. Their elder sister, Bang Hyo Sun, who coincidentally is married to J Tune Entertainment representative Jo Dong Won, like netizens everywhere, must be really excited for her younger brother’s KPOP debut. Younger sis Go Eun Ah also looks to be anticipating great things as she has posted his picture and photos of the them together, all over her CyWorld minihomepage.

The other members consist of Yang Seung-Ho, Lee Joon (aka Lee Chang-Seon), Jun Byung Hee, and Kim Sang-Bae. Apparently Lee Joon acted in “Ninja Assassin” with Rain, and Jung Byung Hee was once in the now defunct group TYKEYS.

Anyway, are you all excited for MBLAQ? It seems like this is the most anticipated debut KPOP has had in a while since a lot is riding on Rain’s muscular shoulders. Many are waiting to see if he can do what JYP, his once mentor, does by creating and producing successful groups.

So far, though, the photos don’t do much for me. The break dancing poses look like the group could bring something new and exciting (although I guess they won’t be technically the first to breakdance) to the world of KPOP Boyband-land, and the throwback Adidas tracksuits are an interesting wardrobe choice, but I’ll save my opinions for when their track drops and they officially debut. In the meantime, will someone please tell that boy in the red tracksuit to zip it up before he catches a cold?! I’m pretty sure that’s him lifting up his shirt in the third photo too… not that I am completely hating it.

Source: jtunecamp.wordpress.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lol "Rain's muscular shoulders" XD hahahaha
    but i agree. i dont exactly like their name...
    but i'm excited for their debut. hope they bring something new. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL.Mblaq roks.i feel as though i am in lust .....hmmmmm.

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