[news] More information on MBLAQ members

More about upcoming 5-member group MBLAQ, groomed by singer Rain, and the members have been revealed.

Recently the group has raised topics after some cuts from their photoshoot has been revealed. As soon as the cuts were revealed, the group was one of the top searched artistes on various search portal sites. But many netizens are curious to know about this group.

And in an interview on 20th September, JTune Entertainment reveals more about the members.

The MBLAQ members in a glance :

(from top left in the photo)

* Ex-TYKEYS member Jung ByungHee (22) |1987.11.06
* Kim Sang Bae (18) | 1991.04.29
* Yang Seung Ho (22) | 1987.10.16

(from bottom left in the phot0)

* Lee Joon (21) | 1988.02.07
o He acted the role of the younger version of Rain’s character in Hollywood movie ‘Ninja Assassin’
* Bang CheolYoung (18) | 1991.03.10
o Younger brother to actress Go EunAh

Of the 5 members, there is Jang Goon (real name Jung Byung Hee), ex-member of group TYKEYS which debuted in 2007. TYKEYS was a 3-member male group under TY Entertainment with members Jang Goon (vocals), Soo (vocals) and HyunJeong (rap).

JTunes Entertainment representative revealed, “We are currently coming up with the stage names for 4 members Jung ByungHee, Kim SangBae, Yang SeungHo and Bang CheolYoung. Lee ChangSeon will stay as Lee Joon. We will reveal their stages names and also the meaning to the group name MBLAQ in a while.”

MBLAQ is a group 2 years in the making under Rain and JTunes Entertainment, and is gaining much attention from music fans and the media even before their debut.

The group will release their first single mid-October.


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