[News] New Girl Group is Looking H.A.M

'This the season for girl groups, and looks like there is a new group in town! HAM is ready to hit the grocery store stage with their debut track, "티티댄스 (T.T Dance)".

Multinational group HAM, which stands for 'Heart&Mind', will consist of four members, including a Chinese member! Seems like international members within groups are really becoming a hit in the Korean music industry. The new group released a music video teaser on the 14th which has been receiving quite a bit of attention.

Unlike the electronic sound style of this generation's girl groups, HAM's upcoming track "T.T Dance" will focus on an intense rock sound and addicting melody. It was also made known that the director of HAM's first music video has also directed music videos for popular artists in the past, such as Seo Taiji, Epik High, Wheesung, and SS501.

On a side note, HAM will make their appearance on the 16th via Mnet cable channel with an introductory program, Hello. We are the new group HAM, which will be a documentary of their daily life and pre-debut days. They are expected to release their debut album and music video simultaneously on the 23rd.

Here's some more pictures of the HAM girls, thanks to elusive!


Note:Another girl group -.-?.....just a few days ago, it was reported Secret will be debuting and now a new girl group name H.A.M.Honestly,we will see what quality they will offer when they debut .No news on which company these girls are ! but i am quite sure it sure is not from SM,JYP ,YG or DSP.

Another reminder, Rainbow,the girl group from DSP would be debuting soon, and news about YG trio girl group.YS entertainment girl group,Secret & H.A.M would be debuting too.

October is coming soon.Lee Hyori would be coming back, i think Shinee would be making a comeback soon too.2NE1 with their full album.Tae Yang is coming back.2PM,Ivy

As for now, we have G-Dragon taking over all the charts and music awards, F(x) with Lachata, KARA with Wanna & Mister, 4Minute with Muzik,Jewelry with variety.

I doubt these new girl groups who will debut soon, will have the power like 2NE1 to sweep awards and the charts as G-D,F(x) and 4min,KARA and more artist would form a barrier.Competition is tough !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL i agre wif ur opinion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    personally... i think i've had enough of girl groups. 2ne1, f(x), kara, snsd and maybe 4minute are about the max i can give interest to haha. not sure whether over-saturating the music scene is good for korea.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes ! for me its enough to have SNSD, F(x) , KARA, BEG, 2Ne1 and 4minute and why all of the sudden simultaneously... hahahaha im not really into them.. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey but they are really very gd

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