[news] Outsider, MC Sniper and Horan have a lot of Heart

In a heat-filled summer further fueled by the overcrowding of girl-groups, a dreamy combination rises in the form of Outsider, MC Sniper and Horan.

The trio collaborate on a fierce yet sentimental number “심장병 (Heart Disease)”, which of course showcases a melding of rapping and smooth vocals. The track spells the first in a series of “Heart” songs that will trickle out in the form of “Hwantastic Project”, riding up to Lee Seung Hwan’s 20th Anniversary since his debut. Since his foray into music back in October ‘89, Lee has released more than 10 albums and has been featured on several other compilations.

“심장병 (Heart Disease)” is also a cover of the Lee Seung Hwan original from the singer-songwriter’s eighth album “Karma”. We see Horan edging away from Clazziquai’s latest “Kiss Kiss Kiss” and “Love Again”, and that’s all I need to want to listen to this again.


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