[News /Petition]Hottest unite to help 2PM JaeBum

Everything was going on just right – the 2PM boys were receiving many love calls to go on broadcast shows despite the fact that it is their rest period and there was great anticipation for their upcoming 2nd album to drop in October.

But with the recent revelation of the message which 2PM member JaeBum post on his MySpace account offending many Koreans, Korean netizens are calling for a petition to stop all activities for 2PM.

And the Hottest wants to help change the situation for better.

The Korean netizens are going on a spree of demeaning bashing and calls for petition to stop 2PM’s activities.

What makes things worst was that more offending posts written by JaeBum’s friends were revealed after the incident and the media is tapping on this and blowing things out of proportions once again.

So the Hottest are coming together to do a petition to help JaeBum. And they are calling for more Hottest to help.

Please click here : PETITION


Although i am not a hardcore fan of 2PM, what netizens did was wrong. Yes, Jae is wrong in his doing, but that was years ago and he has apologize.As long as he apologize and learns from his mistake that is fine with me. Nobody is perfect. To me Koreans are making a big deal out of this. Yes i know koreans are proud of their country and such, but this is too much !.Did they ever think about Jae's feelings when he came to korea without knowing anyone, got looked down by koreans and get dissed and stuff.He wouldn't feel like this if it is not from them who started it.He feels so lonely, for the sake of his career and his dreams he have to go through such hardships.Replacing the netizens in Jae's shoe, if they go to US and know nothing about ENGLISH and their culture, got dissed and such would they still be able to cope?.Personally my point of view is not as a fan but as a human, he is still a human and human make mistakes.What has done is done and we learn from the past.

I hope you people will send this message to everyone and sign this petition :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    im hating this so much. God please help the Koreans understand the situation. i WILL cry if they hav to cancel their schedules because of this and what do i do? can i sign the petition twice cuz iv already signed it.... *sigh* god plz help our leader and 2pm!

  2. Minako says:

    Yeah, Netizens made sucha big hoo-ha over this issue.
    So they are that perfect? They don't make any mistakes? It's 4 years ago for godsake!
    Signed the petition :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jay hwaiting!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any 2PM fans here that are reading this comment...
    Let him know how much we love all 7 of them and will keep fighting for all 7 of them!
    We need to keep letting them know!
    His twitter is: followjyp

  5. Anonymous says:

    Support Jaebeom!

  6. they should stop overeacting.. ppl are taking this matter too serios. jaybum was young. it was 4 YEARS AGO! c'mon.. he deserve a second chance. T^T

  7. d'petals says:

    for god sake...its 4years ago~
    maybe he himself have forgotten that...
    i wonder how this 4years ago things b a big bash now in 2009???
    how do netizen find this out???
    or are they planning 4 this? they're searching 4 his mistake all this time? n when they have chance, they make it big, make it scandalious~
    did anyone agree with me???

  8. Anonymous says:

    i can't believe this!!!!!
    i hope that he'll come back! <3333333333333333333

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