[NEWS] Rain to reveal 5 member boyband next month!


World Star Rain (Jung JiHoon) will be debuting a new 5-member boyband under him coming mid-October.

He will be the main producer to the group, like how Park Jin Young (JYP) grooms his own pool of talents like G.O.D, WonderGirls, 2PM, 2AM etc.

The ‘Rain’s 5-member group’ is a project which Rain is working on amidst his busy schedule doing filming and promotions overseas. The group is set to appear in the era of dominating girlgroups to re-search the power of boybands.

It is said that Rain not only participated in the planning of the dance, but also other aspects to the group’s debut like style etc.

A representative said, “The group will finally be revealed in October. They will show the power of boybands in Kpop.”

Much attention is focused on this group since Rain himself was groomed by JYP and now that he is a producer himself.

Article credits to sookyeong!

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