[news] Seotaeji selling most albums in 2009

Top rock artist Seotaeji has sold the most albums so far this year, according to his agency on Friday.

The singer, songwriter and musician topped music website Hanteo Chart's listing as having sold the most albums between January 1 and September 16, Seotaeji Company said in a press release.

The singer's sales, composed of two singles and a full album this year, surpassed that of top idol groups such as Girls' Generation and Big Bang which followed in second and third place, respectively.

He plans to rerelease his fifth album "Seotaeji 5" on September 29. The album had previously sold 1.3 million copies.

Seotaeji is one of South Korea's most prominent and influential cultural icons who has released a total of 42 albums throughout his 18-year career.

He took the country by storm with his earlier three-member group Seotaeji and Boys during the early-90s and has successfully continued a solo career after the group's retirement in 1996.

Another member of the former group, Yang Hyun-suk, is currently head of YG Entertainment which manages some of Korea's most popular singers including Big Bang and 2NE1.

ETA: Actual sales numbers according to Hanteo Chart

According to Hanteo Chart, Friday, Seo sold 198,215 copies between Jan. 1 and Sept. 17

Girls' Generation took second place by selling 190,475.

Big Bang, and Super Junior, placed third and fourth with 161,460 and 131,480 album sales, respectively.

G-Dragon, Big Bang's leader, ranked fifth with 113,100 copies sold.

Sources: asiae.co.kr, The Korea Times

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