[News] SJ Kim Heechul will become a successful actor

Actress Sa Mija didnt save any words to praise that Super Junior’s Kim Heechul will have a high possibility to success in his acting career.

On September 14th at SBS center in Ilsan, actress Sa Mija had an interview with Starnews and she had said about the hoobae actors who are in the weekend drama “I love you ten million times” together with her.

Sa Mija said “I’m satisfied when seeing the hoobae working hard in their acting career. Especially, although Kim Heechul is first known as a singer but he followed the sunbae actors’ directions quite well and he worked so hard, it’s praiseworthy” and “Kim Heechul will be a lot better if he continues his acting career. He is a new actor that having very high possibility to become successful”

She also said “Although there still are many actors but it seems that only this time I give an actor good appraisal like this”

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    Heechul hwaiting!

  2. heechul oppa! saranghaeoooooo

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