[news] Son DamBi Brings The Best Advertisment Effect With Haptic Amoled

Singer Son DamBi has been chosen as the model who has brought about the highest advertisment effect with her endorsement of Samsung Anycall ‘Haptic Amoled’ (W850/W8500/W8550).

CM Value Korea did a study on 1,200 views on the effect of advertisements aired on radio and cable TV in the month of August, and came out with ‘Advertisement effect Best 10′ chart.

The CF for ‘Haptic Amoled’ is #1 on the chart with 9.59% of the votes going to it.

‘Haptic Amoled’ is a CF featuring Son DamBi and After School, with the concept of ‘One’s radiation’, the 2 singer groups also sang the CM song ‘Amoled’ to the CF. And the interests that viewers have about the CF also inspired many netizens to do their own UCC parody of it online.

With the effect that Son DamBi brings for Haptic Amoled, it has been said that over 330,000 sets of the phone have been sold since release.

Source: Sookyeong

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