[news] T-max Coming Over to Hong Kong, Battling with Show Luo

Korean group, T-max will come to Hong Kong for the first time on Halloween. In the Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers, Kim Joon, who was casted as Mei Zuo (美作), along with group members Park Yun Jae and Shin Min-cheol, will come to Hong Kong to attend the Wildayout Music Concert performance. At the concert, T-max and Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) will perform the opening and ending performances with a dance battle.

The annual Wildayout this year has a theme of “Playing Ghosts” and spent tens of millions of dollars (unsure of currency) to create a nine hour music concert. On Halloween, October 31st, it will take place at Sha Tin Racecourse where “human and ghosts enjoys the show together.” The performing artists include T-max, Show Luo, Mavis Fan & 100%, Paul Wong, Juno Mak, Kidult, Sodagreen, and many more. To coordinate with the theme of the event, all the singers will dress in ghost suits, accompanying everyone from 1:00pm in the afternoon until 10:00pm at night.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translations: endlessjoy @ Asianfanatics
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