[NEWS] Wonder Girls Getting Disrespected in America?

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Photos of the Wonder Girls signing autographs for a fan in America have recently made their way into Korean cyberspace, making Korean Wonderfuls very angry.

The photos which were uploaded on the 18th of last month (August), were taken after the Wonder Girls had a fan signing event after performing in the Jonas Brothers concert. The photos made Korean Wonderfuls really angry which showed Sohee and Yubin, reaching over the table to sign on a worn sneaker of a fan who had placed it on the table. They felt that this was a mark of disrespect to the Wonder Girls.

Fans chided this particular American fan saying that even though the Wonder Girls weren't that famous yet in America, they shouldn't be subjected to this sort of humilation. Another felt that the Wonder Girls shouldn't have signed for this fan in this manner in the first place. Many fans felt really sorry for the Wonder Girls and sincerely hope that the Wonder Girls will soon gain a foothold in America with their songs.

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  1. Hey .. what's that ???
    I Konow an america people think its normal ..
    but , You know (i'm not trying to be racist) Its just ... sooo
    You can (just) take off the shoes 1st(before they sign it) ... right ???

    Justwhat is she / he thinkin bout what she/he do

  2. Jaz says:

    In america, this type of doing is completely normal.Any artist in america would be happy to sign.When you go to another country you have to adapt to their culture.Not them adapting to yours.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow, if i were the wondergirls, i would refuse to sign on his shoe.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah i think its normal..maybe that kid have a smelly foot..who know?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure the American fan meant no disrespect. I'm American and I can't begin to think of why this is insulting to WG. Our musicians sign a lot of weird things for fans, and I'm talking weird, but shoes on or off the feet wouldn't make anyone think twice.

    The fan was probably thinking that it was more special to have WG sign something they were actually wearing at the time. On their body. I got an autograph on the T-shirt I was wearing years ago and it's still one of my best memories. I wish I had them sign my shoes, come to think of it, because it would be something a little different.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It's a culture in Asia...ever wonder why Asians need to remove their shoes before they enter another's house? Shoes are dirty. For a moment I thought WG were kneeling just to sign (thank God they're not). I'm sure that it's normal in America but of course, KOREAN wonderfuls would take it as disrespectful!

    It's culture clash that's all and since they are well, KOREAN stars, their Korean fans' views matter too.

  7. Stephenie says:

    I know it seems normal to alot of people, but do they seriously have any senses? Where's the security? The guards should've asked the person to take of their shoes first. I mean, putting you foot up on the table in WG's faces and asking them to reach over to sign it, it's just so wrong.... if you love your idols you wouldn't do that to them...

  8. Anonymous says:

    the fact that ppl even want their autographs means they are loved!

    clashing of diff culture i guess.

    go wonder girls!

  9. Anonymous says:

    oh please dont make it as issues..people will hate wondergirls just because an issues like this..yes that kid look no manner but he/she is a fan of the wondergirls..that show us something-wondergirls is humble..dont think it as a negative..but as a positive way to wondergirls shine there..i`m not an american but if you want to conquer the america (wohoo)learn to accept their culture..and dont take it as negative thing but positive way to them grab their fan there..

  10. Anonymous says:

    You have already heard it from Americans themselves that it's a common practice and American artistes do it too. There's no need for any speculation and debate on the caption question of disrespect for the Wonder Girls. I would be happy too if ever i have that great opportunity for them to sign on my favourite pair of footwear, thus it is by no means a demeaning or lowly gesture. So please don't make an unneccesary fuss over it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yea yea u are right ** ^_^

  12. Anonymous says:

    It's definitely not an act of disrespect by requesting WG sign on the worn sneaker. Hey, I would love to have my favourite group's signature on something that I cherish very much. In fact, it will make the item even more special and I would safe keep it 4ever! Think of it this way: will you simply allow someone to 'spoil' your beloved item with his/her autograph unless you value that person? Of course not, right?

  13. Anonymous says:

    uhhhh, in america, this is totally normal...fans ask artists to sign their backs, stomachs, forehead, etc.... all the time

  14. Anonymous says:

    i'm from america, and this is so normal, people sign get autographs all over their bodies. plus they person can't stick thier leg out the wonder girl can reach for. it's hard to sign it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is definitely just a misunderstanding. We Americans will ask for an autograph on pretty much anything (Shirts, Bras, Skin).

    You see a lot of girls asking their favorite rock starts to sign almost directly on their breasts lol.

  16. Anonymous says:

    They weren't disrespecting them in no way. They may have felt threatened because they're from a different culture. I've done this to bands lots of times, and they love it.

  17. Just think positive!

    When we in different country, we must understand their culture..

    Not they understand our culture..

    It is because, we are on someone else country..

    Not our own country..

    Just think positive!

  18. Anonymous says:

    hmm..maybe that guy really loved his sneakers that he wanted the wonder girls to sign it c: as sayapunyer said, THINK POSITIVE ΓΌ

  19. r a e says:

    well,, since Americans have different culture from Korean, you can't really blame them.. It's really normal in America,.. they don't mean any disrespect..

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