[News] Yang Hyun Seok, “GDragon plagiarised? How about Mariah Carey…”,

YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Seok refutes back after they have received warning from Sony ATV for plagiarism case for 4 songs produced by the company – GDragon’s ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Butterfly’, Big Bang’s ‘With U’ and 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’.

He left a message on YG homepage on 24th September, “We understand that it is in Sony ATV’s interests to protect the rights of its song composers.”

“Recently Mariah Carey’s song ‘Standing O’ sounds similar to 2NE1’s ‘In The Club’ released 3 months earlier. There are 8 lines, and 24 seconds that sounds similar, and with the repetition, the total length of the song that sounds similar is up to 1 min. But SonyATV did not say anything about Mariah Carey’s song plagiarising 2NE1’s song.”

He also added, “Even though this is embarrassing but the composers to ‘I Don’t Care’ and even myself have not listen to the music produced by SonyATV.” refuting accusations for plagiarism.
SonyATV has recently sent warnings to YG Entertainment on 17th September on plagiarism issues of YG Entertainment’s 4 songs. And following that, the issue was investigated into on MBC ‘Current Affairs Magazine 2580′ on 20th September.

Yang Hyun Seok said, “The song ‘I don’t care’ is the works of YG Ent’s main producer Teddy and Perry. They are 2 people who have strong pride and will not make a song which they don’t want to. And with the issue of plagiarism brought up by SonyATV has caused hurt and loss of pride by the 2 which will not be easy recovered, and had put YG Ent in public opinion.”

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  2. nickygd says:

    I like how Yg family are close to each other..no wonder...they got a great leader! thumbs up to yang hyun suk!

  3. Anonymous says:

    wonder what the media has to say 4 themselves

  4. Anonymous says:

    ^I know! the media should be ashamed of themselves, jumping to conclusions, being so F'in biased when the media is supposed to be objectively reporting facts only. YG is actually being very humble about all this...YG <3<3<3

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh that made yg so much more respectful. thats got to be the lamest thing to pull out of his hat. yea so why dont he go deal with maria carey issue. when an artist plagiarize that doesn't look good period!and 2ne1 and gdragon song is plagiarize.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ^YG is not interested in sueing mariah carey, he's basically using it as an example to show how biased Sony ATV is, gosh learn how to read. And there hasn't been a statement from the original composers yet so why are acting like your opinion is a fact.

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