[News]2NE1's Dara Cries After Inkigayo Performance

Last night was 2NE1's goodbye stage on Inkigayo, as they are ending promotions for their first mini-album. However, the performance left member Dara in tears.

2NE1 had their goodbye stage with a performance of "In The Club" off their latest mini-album and it did not disappoint! However, many viewers noticed a slight flaw in their performance when it was Dara's turn to take over the stage. Her voice cracked for about less than a second but has caused many anti's to bash on Dara's vocal skills. Check it out in the video below. Her voice cracks around 1:57.

After the performance, a staff member that works with 2NE1 stated, "Sandara Park cried after the 'In The Club' performance. I think she cried because she wanted to perform a better performance since it was their last performance(for this mini album). All the staffs around her saw her tears; they gave her a round of applause for her passion for the best performances to the end."

Every singer has their bad vocal days (like Taeyeon of SNSD a couple days ago) and it was probably one of those days for Dara. Even though Dara is not the best vocalist in the group, I think Dara did a pretty good job in the performance, minus that flaw. Plus, 2NE1 has been active for about 4 months and have only taken one break since their debut. That can take a large toll on one's vocals. Cheer up Dara! We want to see you smile.

Credits: Beau @ YGLadies Forum & OMGKPOP

I Agree that every singer has their bad vocal days.If they strained their voices too much without getting enough rest and such or busy performing and doing activities, their voices need rest.It is really unfair for the netizens to comment about Tae Yeon singing skills as MANY music critics and producers praised her singing skills.Dara has improved alot since her debut, and give her a break.They did not have much time to practice In The Club in the midst of their busy schedules.The In The Club performance came out better than we expected.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cheer up DARA.. you did an amazing perf...nobody's perfect...!!..
    2ne1 perf is the BEST!!!

    2ne1 ah gogogo

  2. Anonymous says:

    dara hwaiting!! you're the best! =D

  3. Anonymous says:

    evn CL cracked her voice in FIRE perf in KJE's chocolate but it not comes out. im getting annoyed coz lots of critics criticizes ONLY dara but when her groupm8's done a mistake too, it doesnt come out in news. they are NOT FAIR. Dara's reputation is INPORTANT too. !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    well, she really is not much of a singer...like people point to her and say, "ah she's the weakest." she's much of a charmer instead...she tried, it's alright.

    I think she's a little insecure? too much pressure being in a group with very talented people...just improve more...you need to, remember that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @3 that's cause the rest of the members have proven so much MORE.

    No once can contest their talents. CL's charisma and rapping skill, Minji is such a great dancer, rapper too and Bom with her great voice but up to now, Dara is? The cute one? The member who needs autotune to support her voice? She's improving though but people still ask why Dara is in the group. But oh well, something like this happens to everyone.

    Just get over it Dara, you're cute! so many fanboys!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Anonymous above me, with people saying that "2NE1 is the most talented and the best gal group in KPOP history," people are starting to get critical about them. They're newbies but with all the hype making them overrated, expectations ARE higher. So who would people point to when something goes wrong? It's Dara - the cutie pie.

    Dara don't cry. It's over, goodluck with the new album. Fans are waiting!

  7. Anonymous says:


    Cheer up! You have already proved nor shown your talent to us. Like everyone said "nobody's perfect". Don't mind those people who are bashing your group. Insecurity is always there. It means that 2NE1 is a strong competitor. Right? Whatever others are saying.. Dara's supporters are always here. Watch out for the other skills of Dara. You will love her more. ^^

    Good luck! Dream BIG :) Stay energetic & gorgeous.


  8. Anonymous says:

    2ne1 as already famous so everybody wants a piece of them...

    Dara is a good singer...the reason why people always tagged her as the one with "no talent in the group" is because her voice is quite different from her 3 co-members...if you will notice, Dara was the one who always do the backup voice in almost all of their songs..
    When you take all the weaklings (in singing) of the girl groups, Dara could actually stand out as the main vocal...Her voice is actually better than the below-half of the Nonagon plus she sings longer...*peace*

    she's just over-shadowed by her members when it comes in singing..actually they all have their own weaknesses, but Dara is always the center of attraction...

  9. Anonymous says:

    i can see that Dara is a sensitive person and i also see how she felt after that performance, i can predict her dissapointed feeling. Dara, we love u for ur effort, just a very small mistake, it's ok to us, u really did great in ur performances, don't be sad! i believe that u will improve more and more.
    To me, dara's voice is so sweet and pure, among great and strong voice of the rest members of 2NE1, her sweet voice make a balance in the group, sometimes listening to strong voice all the time can make u tired. I think that the co-ordinate of 4 members in 2NE1 is perfect. I love all of them so much. 2NE1 fighting, Dara fighting!

  10. Anonymous says:

    yeah right..she's always the one being pointed out by the netizens coz she got the weakest vocal of the group but it doesn't mean she can't sing..come on other groups also have their weakest member, so what's wrong with dara being the weakest in 2ne1?there's always like that in every group! daah!!! MABUHAY 2NE1!..kaya mo yan dara!

  11. Anonymous says:

    @3 i love all 2ne1's members..but i dont like the way u used to protect dara..using other members mistakes..y not u just said dara's improvement only..its more better,i dont want the same issue rotate to the other members,u know..netizen nowadays...who know rite..

    4 me,dara can sing but her voice differnt with the rest..so shes very good as backup vocal/main vocal..its not that bad..her soft voice can fit perfectly with other mmbers too..that y shes in the group..and honestly,human not perfect..shes doing a great perf there..

  12. sandara noona kwaenchannayo, pilipini sarami, dangsineul chongmal saranghaeyo....filipino people are in ur side...

    not ol the performers had done a good and perfect performances...so those bashers back off and go to hell...

    sandara noona hwaiting....filipinos are so proud of u....

  13. janetttt says:

    aw i saw the performance and i thought shee did a greatt jobb, you cant barely tell that she diddd. FIGHTINGG 2NE1!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Why in the world would people blame Taeyeon and not Dara. Heck Taeyon sings better than Dara anyways. 2ne1 totally over rated!!! yes they can sing but they cant dance. if you call walking dancing you got to be blind

  15. Anonymous says:

    lol, why did u bring taeyeon here, or are u unpleasant when seeing 2NE1's fan always support Dara??? Now, i will reply ur comment.Although i know tae can sing and her voice is great, that song is never suitable for her .Can u understand this thing, no one is really the best in the world, but to me, to 2NE1's fan, dara is the best, as well as to u, tae is the best. No one in this topic made mention of tae. I just see that u're envious with 2NE1 and afraid of their ability to beat ur Tae or ur SNSD haha. Are u saying that 2NE1 can't dance @.@ u have just made a stupid statement, hahaha. If u don't want more people to criticize on Tae, just close your mouth, this will keep ur idol away from the criticism of the others, ok? If u attack the other, then u will recieve the attack from them.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    At least all of them(2NE1) have good attitudes, not just like some group bands right there who act bitchy... Like totally real beyatchy... U know who I mean by that...

  18. Anonymous says:

    yeah..2ne1 fighting!

  19. Cynthia says:

    Agree! All singers have their bad singing skills. Even the best singer in the world will have.

  20. Anonymous says:

    i love this perf..
    and Dara's cracked voice thing i think it's not so obvious anyway and it isn't a big deal. yeah she made a little tiny mistake but sooo what??
    her performance is good as well as the other members. they rock!
    and to all the antis... "you ain't better anyway! go to hell!"
    2NE1 will always get the fire..
    Nulja! hwaiting!

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