[News]Brown Eyed Girls pushed away competition from GDragon to win all-kill on music charts for the month of August

4-member female group Brown Eyed Girls has won the #1 position on music charts for the whole month of August.

Their new song ‘Abracadabra’ has won the highest sales point for CyWorld background music. And according to CyWorld, the song has won the highest sales point on the site and is awarded the ‘Song Of The Month’ for its Digital Awards.

The last time the group won ‘Song Of The Month’ is in 2006 July with the song ‘Hold The Line’ featuring JoPD.

The group is also up #1 on other music sites like Melon, Dosirak and Mnet etc. They have pushed away the new competition from GDragon with his solo debut album to win all-kill for the month of August on music charts.

Meanwhile, the Brown Eyed Girls’ company is deciding on which song the girls will promote as their follow-up hit.


Congratulations BEG ! :) hmm but i doubt the next month it will be their turn No offense...quite alot of competition from GD himself, 4Minute Muzik, and FX debut song.KARA is rising too.

OCT 2PM and Shinee, Lee Hyori will be coming back...2NE1 full length album will be out soon...DSP new girl group Rainbow will be debuting in Oct...lots of stuff to look forward ! So stay tune :)

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