[NEWS]Brown Eyed Girls rake in the Green!


Well, actually, the Won (Korea’s currency) is minted in an array of colors, but the point is the BEG won’t need to beg for moolah no more because they are finally hearing the wondrous KPop Ka-Ching!

Precisely due to all the disgust/discussion over their latest hit, “Abracadabra,” the ferocious femme fatale foursome have earned roughly 8.25 million dollars thus far. This amount includes all the sales activity from online downloads, album sales, and ring tones etc. over the past three months. The total revenue is still expected to increase steadily.

Why is this a big deal? Because BEG is not managed by SM, YG, nor JYP, and the fact this group is now considered to belong in the highly coveted Idol Group category despite this “setback” is substantial. BEG’s official representative lamented how difficult it was to market their group in the face of these Three adversities, but they are extremely proud that the song + music video spoke for themselves. And the masses are clearly taking notice…by opening up their designer knock-off(ed) wallets.

source: seoulbeats

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