[News]Fans find 90 degrees bow after JaeBum’s last performance, “Heartbreaking”

2PM member JaeBum’s last performance at the InCheon Korea Music Wave Festival in Korea before he left group 2PM and went back to the States was aired on 12th September.

And after the last performance, JaeBum was seen doing a 90 degrees bow to show how sorry he. This scene has got fans and netizens feeling more heartbroken.

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  • Petition to get JaeBum back to Korea gets 160K netizens’ support
  • Tourism board travel event for member Nich Khun gets postponed again and again

Netizens say,

  • “It is heartbreaking to know that this is JaeBum’s last performance”
  • “I wish this isn’t his last performance”
  • “My heart hurts”
  • “I wish JaeBum would come back”
  • “So thankful we get to see his last performance”

Meanwhile, it is said that over 160K netizens have participated in a petition on Agora titled ‘Can’t send JaeBum away like that’ online.

2PM fans say, “Don’t run away. We can’t send you away just like that. Only when you really can’t stay and promote in Korea anymore, then you can leave! But not now.”

The petition started from 8th September, and until 12th September it has received over 160,000 support. At about 4pm on 12th September, there were 161,515 netizens who had participated in the petition.

Fans are also doing exercises and boycott against JYP if the group is to promote as 6 members and will only return support until the group is 7 members again.

With that, the event ‘Travel to Thailand with Nich Khun’ by M Travel Agency has also been postponed several times. There were originally about 100 participants for the event to go on a travel trip with Nich Khun to Phuket/Bangkok for 5 days, but due to the boycott, fans have withdrawn from the event, and there are only about 30 confirmed participants for it.

Also, 2PM’s fanclub Hottest will also be having a silent protest outside JYP’s office building at 2pm on 13th September to ask for 2PM leader JaeBum to return to the group.

Meanwhile, JaeBum has left 2PM and also Korea on 8th September, 4 days after the backlashes from the revelation of his pre-debut messages posted on MySpace.

Park Jin Young also issued an official statement on 10th September.


Note:So sad :(.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah.. sad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hmmm...probably he will be back...believe me...

  3. Anonymous says:

    just.. believe him... T_T

  4. Anonymous says:

    jay, we miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    i believe he will be back..
    i might..

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am so proud of the team work , the fans are showing to get jay back. Keep on doing the hard work an i will continue to support from New York City.

  7. Anonymous says:

    hope so...Jay please come back asap....2pm without Jay=0....so please come back.............really miss him~~

  8. Anonymous says:

    just bcoz of a small darn matter tis happened, jaebum shld reli come back, it aint worthit for him 2 leave just like tad.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It just doesn't seem like 2pm without jay. It'll always be a 7 member boy group in my heart.

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