[News]GDragon voted #1 as the ‘overrated singer songwriter’

Group Big Bang leader GDragon has been voted #1 by netizens as the ‘Overrated singer songwriter’.

Community site DCInside did a poll on the question “Which singer songwrite do you think is overrated?” from 22nd to 29th September. And GDragon was given 8133 (52.6%) votes out of 15,467 votes, coming in at #1.

Go under the cut to find out who else was voted on the survey.

GDragon has been writing many songs since he was in Big Bang like ‘Lies’, ‘Last Farewell’ etc. But he was under plagiarism accusations with the release of his solo debut song ‘Heartbreaker’ released last month. And that was why he was voted in #1 on the survey.

Coming in at #2 is singer producer Park Jin Young with 1049 votes (6.8%). Park Jin Young has written many hits like ‘Don’t Leave Me’, ‘Behind you’, ‘That girl is pretty’ and ‘Honey’ etc. He always promised new and fresh music every time, but he has been under accusations of plagiarism several times as well.

At #3 is singer Lee MinWoo with 1007 votes (6.5%). He has been writing lyrics since his time in ShinHwa. After that he wrote the lyrics for several hits like Jewelry’s ‘Super Star’ and ‘One More Time’ and V.O.S ‘Beautiful Life’. And subsequently for his solo album there were songs which were written by him but as compared to his lyrics-writing capabilities, there was not much acknowledgement given to his song-writing skills.

The rest of the survey results:

  1. GDragon
  2. Park Jin Young
  3. Lee Min Woo
  4. MC Mong
  5. Jang Gi Ha
  6. Yozoh
  7. Seo Taiji

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good, I also think that G-dragon's overrated as hell

  2. Anonymous says:

    GD can composed good music !!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    in my opinion, gd is overrated as seen in the mass media, but he's musically good so i have no comments. the songs that he composed like lies n haru haru are really big hits, proving that he's one of a hell among composers.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    People think he's overrated for plagiarism, plagiarized or not (which hasn't been proven), the boy is still a rookie and yet his music/lyrics are rocking the charts, you might think he's overrated now because he is only a rookie, but that boy has potential! When his skills mature more, I know he will blow people away, even more so than he is doing now.

    I don't think people understand the word "potential" if you do, you'll know that he's got lots of it, and in the future, he'll be even better

  6. Anonymous says:

    It's certainly a bad year for GDragon ~(neutral party) --Anonymous @9.53 is probably biased~

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