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From acting to singing to directing to her art exhibition to releasing a musical album, it feels like Goo Hye Sun can do everything. But suprisingly, Goo Hye Sun is only mere mortal just like us, as she revealed recently on a radio show that there's something that she can't do.

On the 11th, Goo Hye Sun had appeared on a radio show with Japanese entertainer, Isao Sasaki to promote her music album, Breath.

She was asked by the DJ, "Exactly is there anything that you can't do?" Hye Sun replied, "There are actually some things that I really can't do. I am not good with numbers and I can't really cook. I also prefer to be alone by myself, because I can do lots of stuff when I am alone without anyone disturbing me. Especially the time, deep in the night, while people are usually asleep, I would be using that time to do this and that."

When asked what is her favourite song that she sings at the KTV, Goo Hye Sun expressed that because all the videos have running lyrics, she can practically sing every song. She often sings songs from SNSD, Wonder Girls, etc with her friends.

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