[News]Idol Group Fanclub at the Height of Their Opposition against the Agency

A section of TVXQ's fanclub succeeded in presenting an effective case on matter of the current dispute between SM Entertainment and the group's three members. They have made use of newspaper advertisments criticize SM Entertainment and to expose "how unfair TVXQ's contract is", stating slogans such as "TVXQ are not monkeys."

In addition, they have already started a boycott against the company as well. TVXQ's fanclub "Cassiopeia" is refusing to purchase any albums, photobooks, DVDs, ringtones, and other merchandise issued by SM Entertainment as well as staying away from any branch off restaraunts owned by the company, stating that "Fans have been exploited with merchandise most focused towards the numbers that are sold rather than its quality as well as with numerous contests similar in nature."

Not only this, but TVXQ's fans have presented a petition to the National Human Rights Committee last day. TVXQ fancafe, Dong Nae Bang Nae (DNBN) has handed in the petition along with 120 000 signatures stating that "In representing all the young people of Korea, because there are those who are trampling on the efforts of dignity and morality in this country, a drastic change is necessary in order for the victims of this case to be able to recover as soon as possible from the severe infringement of human rights that has occured."

SM asked for understanding from those who had bought tickets to the upcoming "SM TOWN LIVE '09'" concert for cancelling the plans due to the consideration for the safety of the audience. DNBN, having applied for an official court compensation for financial and mental damage suffered due to the one-sided cancellation of the "SM TOWN LIVE '09'", previously scheduled for August 16th, that was a result of no one else's fault but their own, revealed that they wanted "An official apology from SM Entertainment and a 10% refund from the original ticket prices."

The fanclub has also been presenting their case in writing in a very systematic fashion. TVXQ's fans, who at first had been sending out a few emails stating their case, have now managed to put together an organized approach starting last month, facing the company eye to eye by putting together formal written reports. There is a high possibility that the fans of 2PM who have been stuffing the agency's mailboxes full for the 11th day running will soon turn to similar efforts as well.

However, it is the opinion of practically half of the whole entertainment community that there isn't really anything that fans can do in times of "unfairness from the agency." In reality, not only is the relationship between the company and the artist not structured so much like "the agressor" and "the victim" as it might seem, but public relations must be handled in a much more careful manner than what fans might think.

An insider with relations to A, who has been gaining much popularity recently, confessed that "There are a lot of fans who pick fights about things like schedule policy or how we go about making legal documents. You really have nothing you can say or do when fans get stubborn over false rumors or without any real knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes."

Continuing on, he stated "When the artists are having a hard time, the agencies are the ones that worry about them the most and are the ones that will try their best to find a way to get them out of the situation. In times like these, wouldn't it be so much easier on both parties if the fans could just trust them and offer their support?"

Source: asiae.co.kr
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