[News]Jung Yunho's Thorough Self-Sacrifice Captures The Attention Of Viewer

Jung Yunho, the idol of the youth, has thoroughly sacrificed his image for laughs as he switches from being a singer to being an actor.

Jung Yunho, who worked hard to keep his charismatic image as the leader of TVXQ, has shown a completely different side of him in his debut drama 'Heading to the Ground' as simple, stupid and hot-tempered Cha Bong-goon who dons a chicken suit and hat and dances comically.

In the second episode of 'Heading to the Ground' which aired on the 10th, he acted out an almost one-man show by wearing a chicken suit and hat and dancing in front of a chicken restaurant as well as by singing on the streets.

This thorough sacrifice of image is receiving positive feedback from viewers. Viewers sated that, "Jung Yunho, who always looked so cool and suave, is cute when he lets go of his former image," "Jung Yunho's transformation is refreshing," and "He's going down the same road as Eric. I think he will succeed as an actor."

But there are still thoughts that there is too much strength going into his acting. As it is his first attempt at acting, he has still not grasped controlling the strong and weak parts in his acting. There are critiques who say is lacking 2% when it comes to emotional scenes.

In this episode, Jung Yunho takes his sister Byul-i to the hospital because she collapses. Byul-i starts to cry and tell him, "You're not playing soccer because of me. I don't want to be baggage. Start playing again." Jung Yunho had tears in his eyes as he said, "No, that's not true. Why would you say that?" He also acted out scenes in which he was deeply debating whether he should return to playing soccer or not.

Viewers stated, "I think he's still a bit lacking in emotional scenes, but I want to see how he progresses every episode," "Although there are some awkward parts, he is more stable than he was in the first episode."

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