[News]MBC Denies Boycotting YG Family

Currently there is a rumor going on that MBC and YG Entertainment is having a feud going on.

Why? Well as you all know, there will be a Chuseok-special show on MBC called, "Idol Group Survival: Sweet Girl". Girl idol groups such as SNSD, Kara, 4minute, Afterschool, Brown Eyed Girls, and T-ara will be casted as well as the Wonder Girls, who will be showing their pre-recorded video message from USA.

All these popular idol groups are getting casted, and isn't that great? Hmm, well something's missing... That's right! Where the heck is 2NE1? Yes 2NE1, who was probably the hottest idol group to debut this year, and who also stole a lot of 1st-place in music shows and online charts. What happened? This is started getting netizens curious, therefore the rumor started.

Well it doesn't end here. G-Dragon has been performing in KBS "Music Bank" and SBS "Inkigayo", showing great performances - except for MBC's "Music Core". Well this raised even more questions, as people are thinking if there is some feud going on between MBC and YG Entertainment.

Ahn Woo Jung, the entertainment director of MBC, had a phone call with Newsen on the 25th. He commented, "There is no feud founded", saying that it is all rumors. About the rumor's, he commented that "because YG singer casted in MBC is rare, it seems like this rumor got started, but this is all non-sense."

He continued, saying, "I never had this discussion with YG's president Yang Hyun Suk before, nor did I ever had a meeting with MBC's Entertainment section crew." "Of course, I know that you can't see a lot of YG singers cased in MBC. But that's because of the '1 show casted per week' policy, not because of some problem with us (YG & MBC)."

He then added, "It is their choice whether to cast or not. Having one broadcasting company hating on a particular agency makes no sense." "MBC Entertainment is open to everyone. If 2NE1, G-Dragon, or any YG Entertainment singer wants to be casted in MBC, they will get casted in."

On the 24th, YG's Yang Hyun Suk posted about the feud with MBC and also with KBS on his homepage, saying "Every time there is a rumor like that, I feel sorry to the broadcasting company. I think it is just a misunderstanding caused by the '1 show cast per week policy', which is for our promotional strategy. There is absolutely no ignoring a broadcasting company or broadcasting companies denying YG singers."


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