[News]On 2PM’s new album and future schedule, “We do not have confirmed plans yet”

With news going out that 2PM will perform as 6 members for Dream Concert this year, after leader member JaeBum left the group on 8th September, there are some who are curious when they will come up with a new album, and also their schedule after Dream Concert.

2PM will perform for the first time as 6 members after JaeBum left the group and JYP Entertainment announced that the group will promote as 6 members on 10th October for Dream Concert.

A JYP representative said, “For now, we have to continue with Dream Concert because we have confirmed the group’s appearance along time back. But for the group’s following schedule, we have no confirmed plans yet.”

Also, before JaeBum withdrew from the group, there were plans for the group to come up with a new album either early or mid October, the JYP representative said, “We have not decided on the album release date. Even though we have decided that the group will promote as 6 members, it has just been decided for not long ago, we are having a headache now over when the album should come out.”

source: kbites

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  1. Anonymous says:

    anticipating them in the dream concert :(

  2. Lê Trân says:

    yeah, should get jay back and things would get better

  3. Anonymous says:

    jyp is indeed stupid.
    jay back = everything for the better.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it will be confirm once the meeting of jaebeom and jyp went... but hope its good! ;;)

  5. Anonymous says:

    come back soon Jay!
    2PM will never be the same
    without you!
    we love you and we miss you
    so much!
    come back soon!
    get better and get stronger!
    we love you!
    keep your head up!
    we will always be waiting for you!
    always. come back soon!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jay take your time. come back when you are ready!
    but don't forget that we will always be waiting for you! always.

    we miss you and we love you so much!
    2pm is nothing without you!
    you're a great leader and you're the only 2pm leader.
    no one can replace you, and 2PM can never be 2PM without
    all 7 members!

    Jay should be forgiven and able to move on
    because he isn't the person he was before.
    Jay shouldn't even have to go through this!
    Nonetheless he apologized for what he said
    to the public! This has been blown way out
    of proportion! 2PM has become an amazing
    group, especially under their leader, Jay!

    Just let the thing rest already!
    This problem is so old and you can
    hardly call it offensive!

    We need Jay, and 2PM needs Jay!
    Most importantly, Jay needs us!!

    Jay we'll support you to the end!

  7. Anonymous says:

    tis is kinda stupid..
    releasing album without jay is like making the album a failure...
    hottests are already giving them back like 3k of albums bcoz jay left...
    how many hottests out there is really going to buy the album if jay is not in there? =,=

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