[News/Pics]2NE1 chills out with Kang Hye Jung

2NE1’s Dara has recently uploaded some photos taken with her fellow group members and Kang Hye Jung on her me2DAY. Kang Hye Jung, who will be marrying Epik High’s Tablo in October, was seen in the photos with a fresh new hairstyle and making a ‘V’ with joyful facial expressions. Dara showed her close friendship with the fiancé commenting, ‘With Kang Hye Jung Unni! She adores the Twennies (2NE1)! Kkyak!’

Dara also uploaded photos taken with Park Bom during their flight back from China. The cheeky photos are increasingly attracting more eyes of hungry 2NE1 fans.

"As the plane took off Bom held me just like always...but unlike my expectations, she grabbed my neck and started telling me scary stories! T_T Shivering rabbit...it was a teary and and nose runny flight...what is this...a horror comedy? Shot a whole episode of a sitcom...I'll sit next to Minkki (Minji) next time..."


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sandara is such an attention seeker...cam whore? it's irritating already!

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ 9:42 : U're such an ill-bred man. Poor u! Do u have parents?

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